In order to gauge interests of those running for office and their policy ideas for the communities they serve, we reached out to those running competitive races to fill out our questionnaire. Below are the responses submitted without edit or redaction. If a candidate’s questionnaire is not shown, they did not respond or submit answers by the deadline.

Summer Lee (Incumbent) PA-12

Shamaine Daniels PA-10

Rick Coplen PA-10

Ryan Bizzarro PA- Treasurer

Erin McClelland-Treasurer

Keir Bradford- Grey – Attorney General

Eugene DePasquale – Attorney General

Joe Khan – Attorney General

Abigail Salisbury (incumbent) HD-34

Ashley Comans – HD 34

Joe McAndrew – Incumbent HD-32

Makenzie White SD-45

1Hood Power is proud to endorse Dr. Yusuf Salaam for the Harlem District 9 seat in the New York City Council race. Dr. Yusuf is a testament to the strength, courage, and tenacity needed from a City Council leader when our nation is headed back to the dangerous terrain of mass incarceration and over-policing.

Dr. Yusuf has the experience, vision, and plan to ensure everyone can succeed and overcome obstacles and challenges in this unprecedented time. Dr. Yusef overcame his personal circumstances due to his wrongful convictions and has endured xenophobic and Islamophobic rhetoric during this race. In a District where people look like and have names that sound like Dr. Yusef’s, there is no question he reflects the community he is being called to serve. His character and steadfast commitment to the people of District 9 are unwavering, and there is no choice but to rank Dr. Yusef as number one on June 27th.

As such, 1Hood Power is proud to endorse Dr. Yusuf Salaam for City Council Harlem District 9 seat for the primary election on June 27th. People can find out their voting poll location, voting hours and more by visiting

Helpful links to learn more about the candidate:

City and State Profile

Gothamist Profile

1Hood Power is a 501(c)4 organization based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Did you know that your criminal conviction does not automatically bar you from voting in Pennsylvania? Yes, you may vote in Pennsylvania if you have a criminal record. 

Due to the over-policing of communities, many Black Pennsylvanians live with colorful backgrounds, which means limitations to the ballot box based on criminal records will have a disparate impact on the Black population. In years prior, people with convictions were automatically disenfranchised from voting, causing the widespread belief that people could not vote if they were felons or people with a criminal record. 

Since 2000, the law has changed regarding the ways people with criminal convictions can access the ballot box. In Fact, in Pennsylvania, as long as you are not currently serving time for a crime and have not been convicted of an election-related violation in the past four years, you can vote in Pennsylvania. 

This means if you are in the local jail waiting for trial, returning home from a sentence, or even on parole, you may vote in Pennsylvania. 

In Fact, it is estimated that over 30,000 votes are abandoned every year in Pennsylvania because people in the local jails are not aware they have the right to register and vote in Pennsylvania. 

You May NOT Vote in Pennsylvania if 

  1. You are currently serving a sentence of incarceration 
  2. You are in a community or alternative correctional facility for a felony conviction on pre-release status
  3. You have a conviction for violating any provision of the Pennsylvania Election Code within the last four years. 

It is best for you to speak with your probation and parole officer to understand your status, especially if you have stacked sentences or are under a formal supervision release due to covid-19. 

Please note this information is for Pennsylvania voters only. Other states permit voting with a criminal record. Please visit for more details.