Meet the richest man in Pennsylvania, reportedly worth $30 Billion. His name is Jeff Yass and he’s rigging the rules of our society to work for his right wing agenda. He poses an existential threat to Black and
Brown people, working families, the LGBT community and our democracy itself.
Jeff Yass influences politicians, elections and public policy. He gives money to politicians and advocacy
groups to make laws that harm, punish and attempt to erase our communities. He donates some of his
billions to interest groups or political leaders who are on the wrong side of the issues that matter to us

He funds efforts to privatize our public schools, cut corporate business taxes, outlaw abortion & bust
unions. He also funds anti-immigrant groups that supported the Muslim ban, public officials who aim to
disenfranchise voters of color and lobbying efforts to reinstate mandatory minimum sentences. Jeff Yass
has also given funds to campaigns opposing ‘critical race theory’ in schools and important solutions to
climate change.

He has deep ties to the fossil fuel industry and refers to those in the environmental community as “climate
change hysterical people”. Jeff Yass also supports groups who oppose legislation that would protect
LGBTQ people from discrimination in housing, employment, and other public accommodations. Last but
not least, Yass funds politicians with ties to white nationalism who supported the January 6th insurrection,
promoted QAnon conspiracies and sought to overturn the 2020 election results.

We cannot let Jeffrey Yass continue to undermine democracy, sow division and block progress for Black,
Brown, working class; LGBT communities across PA. We need to bring to light his role in attempting to
reshape our lives, society and democracy. No elected officials should ever take money from Jeff Yass.
We need leaders who represent us and stand up to the billionaires. It is time he is held accountable.
We need to come together to stop Yass from rigging the rules by taking 3 important steps:

  1. Tax the rich and abolish the uniformity clause in Pennsylvania so that billionaires pay
    what they owe to our communities and stop having so much money to pollute our
  2. Pass campaign finance limits in Pennsylvania so those with the most money can’t give
    unlimited campaign donations.
  3. Pass lobbying reform bills, like a gift ban, so billionaires have less influence on

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The mission of 1hood power is to build liberated communities through the use of electoral organizing.  

The south comprises one of the largest swaths of Black and Brown voters who have been impacted by voter suppression, disinvestment, and over-policing.  It is here in Georgia that the right to vote has been under attack, and it is here in Georgia where thousands of people are organizing and fighting for a better tomorrow.  Sen Warnock is one of those people.  

Sen Warnock has fought tirelessly for the people of Georgia with legislation to support agriculture advancements, health care for pregnant people, and investments in infrastructure and innovation to get people back to work.  He has worked tirelessly as a son of Georgia 

He has voted to ensure veterans get the healthcare they deserve despite opposition from the Conservative Party.  Warnock is from Georgia and has used his platform to advocate for Georgians, no matter their political affiliation.  His loyalty is to the people of Georgia, not a personal benefactor. 

 One more time Georgia.  We are asking you to make a voting plan and re-elect Raphael Warnock.   

Find your polling place

Early voting ends December 2nd.  

Provisional voting is December 5-6th.  

Election Day is December 6th.  

The Spring Series will feature legitimate candidates who are on the May 17th ballot. Legitimate candidates are party candidates who have registered their campaign and met the required signature threshold, as evidenced by placement on the PA Voter Candidate List.

For independent and third-party candidates, you are ineligible for the spring series as you are not on the may ballot, but we will reach out to you for the Fall Forum Series. This is because Pennsylvania does not have open primaries and only recognized significant party candidates are on the May ballot. 

You may watch the Spring Series every Monday at 7 PM EST on our Facebook and Youtube Channels.

1Hood Power is a social justice electoral organization in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, serving to create liberated communities through political activism. 1Hood Power was born out of a fight for justice to stop mass incarceration, over-policing, and violence in our communities. 

 While we were fighting for racial justice, attacks on elections became rooted in our home state of Pennsylvania. We watched as our community members had polling places changed and received incorrect ballots. We became inundated with messages saying our votes did not matter and our voices had no power.  Then when we organized, we saw the power of our collective vote.  Then we began to see our elected officials move away from our needs for a reflective democracy through expanded voter access. 

As such, we are working to support a  voter agenda that codifies no excuse mail-in/absentee voting, additional drop box sites, automatic and same-day voter registration, and expansive voter protections to include the protection of private identifying data. Currently, Pennsylvania does not have early voting access. Instead, we offer mail-in/absentee voting that allows people to mail their ballots. Yet, with mail delays and ballot errors, we need more protections to ensure everyone has an unrestricted right to the ballot box. 

Prior to the pandemic, Act 77 expanded mail-in voting. Yet, in 2020, there was a grassroots movement to educate people on how to vote by mail, deadlines, and the ballot counting process because the information was not readily available and accessible, especially to those whose primary language is not English or those with assistive devices. 

 During the 2021 election, our own Legislative Director was one of the hundreds of people who received a flawed ballot and had to change their voting plan in-person to ensure the vote was counted. These experiences mean 1Hood Power understands how voting impacts people and how easily people can quickly become disenfranchised from voting. There is an ever-pressing need to ensure voters, no matter where they live, have access to the ballot box. 

Currently, we do not have a set accessible, robust voting opportunity in our regions, which has led to more complications despite increasing voter participation over the past two elections.  As such, 1Hood Power is working to ensure a reflective democracy that includes all of us by educating the public on the rules and regulations of elections, engaging community members around the issues that impact them, and empowering the electorate to demand the creation of the conditions of liberation and equity.

Did you know that your criminal conviction does not automatically bar you from voting in Pennsylvania? Yes, you may vote in Pennsylvania if you have a criminal record. 

Due to the over-policing of communities, many Black Pennsylvanians live with colorful backgrounds, which means limitations to the ballot box based on criminal records will have a disparate impact on the Black population. In years prior, people with convictions were automatically disenfranchised from voting, causing the widespread belief that people could not vote if they were felons or people with a criminal record. 

Since 2000, the law has changed regarding the ways people with criminal convictions can access the ballot box. In Fact, in Pennsylvania, as long as you are not currently serving time for a crime and have not been convicted of an election-related violation in the past four years, you can vote in Pennsylvania. 

This means if you are in the local jail waiting for trial, returning home from a sentence, or even on parole, you may vote in Pennsylvania. 

In Fact, it is estimated that over 30,000 votes are abandoned every year in Pennsylvania because people in the local jails are not aware they have the right to register and vote in Pennsylvania. 

You May NOT Vote in Pennsylvania if 

  1. You are currently serving a sentence of incarceration 
  2. You are in a community or alternative correctional facility for a felony conviction on pre-release status
  3. You have a conviction for violating any provision of the Pennsylvania Election Code within the last four years. 

It is best for you to speak with your probation and parole officer to understand your status, especially if you have stacked sentences or are under a formal supervision release due to covid-19. 

Please note this information is for Pennsylvania voters only. Other states permit voting with a criminal record. Please visit for more details.