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    The power is in our voice and our vote.

    We’ve been told our voice doesn’t matter. We’ve been told our vote doesn’t count. But every Black freedom fighter, protestor, abolitionist, and activist knew that narrative was fabricated. To change the trajectory of our future, we must continue to raise our voices—together.

    Our history, our story, serves as the blueprint. It proves that our collective voices result in policy wins. Our unstoppable force led us to our right to exist in public spaces, our right to vote, and even our right to lead in The White House. Our voice projects power. Our vote influences opinions.

    We’ve come a long way, but the fight is far from over.

    Join 1Hood Power, a Pittsburgh-based 501c-4 organization, to ensure we get to the finish line and achieve equity.

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    Power Hour

    Power Hour

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    Tune into 1Hood Power Hour every Monday at 7 p.m. EST. Power Hour is a virtual public affairs forum featuring elected officials, policymakers, and thought leaders discussing current events, legislative action, and electoral politics. During election season, Power Hour broadcasts a series of candidate forums, where candidates share their reasons for running and their proposed platforms and policy agendas. The live, interactive program provides the public an opportunity to have a seat at the table and ask questions in the comment section.

    1Hood Power’s mission is to build political power, hold politicians accountable, and develop effective political leadership through electoral organizing, issue advocacy, and civic education efforts. 1Hood Power is the advocacy arm of 1Hood Media, a collective of socially conscious artists and activists. The newly formed organization rose out of 1Hood Media’s 2019 Power Up Campaign, which mobilized voters to the polls in the November 2019 general election for Allegheny County District Attorney. In the precincts 1Hood Power targeted, turnout increased 47.5 percent compared to turnout in the 2017 general election and 38.8 percent compared to turnout in the 2019 general election for Allegheny County District Attorney. 

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    2022-06-21 @ 07:00 PM


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    Transform The Future With One Vote—Your Vote.

    Yes! You can form a government body that not only represents us but accurately reflects who we are as people.Thanks to the latest redistricting efforts, our voting maps are the most competitive ever which means we have more of a chance to elect people in Pennsylvania who will embrace the values we hold dear and fight for investments in community, widespread decarceration, clean air, economic advancement, and safe streets.

    Pennsylvania is one of the few states where you can elect every judicial official from your local magistrate to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Judge. This means you are able to choose the people who will determine rulings from traffic court fines to custody disputes to prison sentencing. By electing judges who will keep people in community, your vote can help disrupt the cycle of mass incarceration and enact transformative justice practices to help people heal and contribute to their communities.

    Through voting, you can elect political leaders who can make the necessary changes to build empowered and liberated communities. Your vote also allows you to transform local courts, shift the power in Pennsylvania’s state appellate courts, and amplify underrepresented voices in our community. 

    We are building on the momentum of 2020’s voter  education, engagement and mobilization efforts to  transform the local courts in our home county, shift the  power on Pennsylvania’s state appellate courts and mobilize tens of thousands of unlikely voters to vote for progressives in their local municipal elections.

    You’re taking the first step toward building power! If you are a first-time voter, you must register to vote. Once registered, there are three convenient ways to vote in Pennsylvania — by mail-in ballot, absentee ballot, or in-person at a registered polling location. Find all the information you need to create your voting plan by visiting

    Yes. You may have someone assist you with voting if you are in need of accommodations or language support.

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