Meet the richest man in Pennsylvania, reportedly worth $30 Billion. His name is Jeff Yass and he’s rigging the rules of our society to work for his right wing agenda. He poses an existential threat to Black and
Brown people, working families, the LGBT community and our democracy itself.
Jeff Yass influences politicians, elections and public policy. He gives money to politicians and advocacy
groups to make laws that harm, punish and attempt to erase our communities. He donates some of his
billions to interest groups or political leaders who are on the wrong side of the issues that matter to us

He funds efforts to privatize our public schools, cut corporate business taxes, outlaw abortion & bust
unions. He also funds anti-immigrant groups that supported the Muslim ban, public officials who aim to
disenfranchise voters of color and lobbying efforts to reinstate mandatory minimum sentences. Jeff Yass
has also given funds to campaigns opposing ‘critical race theory’ in schools and important solutions to
climate change.

He has deep ties to the fossil fuel industry and refers to those in the environmental community as “climate
change hysterical people”. Jeff Yass also supports groups who oppose legislation that would protect
LGBTQ people from discrimination in housing, employment, and other public accommodations. Last but
not least, Yass funds politicians with ties to white nationalism who supported the January 6th insurrection,
promoted QAnon conspiracies and sought to overturn the 2020 election results.

We cannot let Jeffrey Yass continue to undermine democracy, sow division and block progress for Black,
Brown, working class; LGBT communities across PA. We need to bring to light his role in attempting to
reshape our lives, society and democracy. No elected officials should ever take money from Jeff Yass.
We need leaders who represent us and stand up to the billionaires. It is time he is held accountable.
We need to come together to stop Yass from rigging the rules by taking 3 important steps:

  1. Tax the rich and abolish the uniformity clause in Pennsylvania so that billionaires pay
    what they owe to our communities and stop having so much money to pollute our
  2. Pass campaign finance limits in Pennsylvania so those with the most money can’t give
    unlimited campaign donations.
  3. Pass lobbying reform bills, like a gift ban, so billionaires have less influence on

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