The mission of 1hood power is to build liberated communities through the use of electoral organizing.  

The south comprises one of the largest swaths of Black and Brown voters who have been impacted by voter suppression, disinvestment, and over-policing.  It is here in Georgia that the right to vote has been under attack, and it is here in Georgia where thousands of people are organizing and fighting for a better tomorrow.  Sen Warnock is one of those people.  

Sen Warnock has fought tirelessly for the people of Georgia with legislation to support agriculture advancements, health care for pregnant people, and investments in infrastructure and innovation to get people back to work.  He has worked tirelessly as a son of Georgia 

He has voted to ensure veterans get the healthcare they deserve despite opposition from the Conservative Party.  Warnock is from Georgia and has used his platform to advocate for Georgians, no matter their political affiliation.  His loyalty is to the people of Georgia, not a personal benefactor. 

 One more time Georgia.  We are asking you to make a voting plan and re-elect Raphael Warnock.   

Find your polling place

Early voting ends December 2nd.  

Provisional voting is December 5-6th.  

Election Day is December 6th.  

On Monday night at 7pm, the 1Hood Power Hour will host a candidate forum for the district five council seat.  The council race is a special election happening on November 8th to fill the vacancy left by former council member Corey O’Conner.  The virtual candidate forum will be aired live on the Facebook and YouTube channels of 1Hood Power.  All district five council candidates have been invited.

Confirmed candidates are as follows:

Eugene Boker (R)

Matthew Mahoney(I)

Barbara Warwick (D)

District 5 encompasses Squirrel Hill South, Greenfield, Regent Square, Swisshelm Park, Hazelwood, Glen Hazel, Hays, New Homestead and Lincoln Place.

The Spring Series will feature legitimate candidates who are on the May 17th ballot. Legitimate candidates are party candidates who have registered their campaign and met the required signature threshold, as evidenced by placement on the PA Voter Candidate List.

For independent and third-party candidates, you are ineligible for the spring series as you are not on the may ballot, but we will reach out to you for the Fall Forum Series. This is because Pennsylvania does not have open primaries and only recognized significant party candidates are on the May ballot. 

You may watch the Spring Series every Monday at 7 PM EST on our Facebook and Youtube Channels.